Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Thoughts on current culture

I'm about half way through Natasha Walter's Living Dolls: The Return of Sexism. It paints what to me is a very depressing world in which teenage girls think it is 'cool' to sleep with as many men as possible. As I was reading it I started to think about my own chequered past. Yes I slept with several men but virtually all of them were friends as well as lovers - some over a period of many years. The only times when I had sex for the hell of it I regretted it virtually immediately. I felt as though I'd let myself down and not adhered to my own standards of morality. So for me sex without some form of emotional connection as well is just not an option.

I can't say I was particularly influenced by conventional morality as I did sleep with married men both when I was married and when I was single. But to me sex for the physical release of it is somehow empty and not satisfying so I would be something of a fish out of water if I was young now.


  1. sex without emotion? not even animals do that.
    I woúldn´t call what you describe as "moralism" but as "conserning with other person" or "seen him/her as human being".Sexist culture encourage men to see us as toys,the sexual revolution encourage women to be toys,and in the end,there´s no sex,just a mechanical act whose name i don´t know....

  2. Thank you for pointing out that to believe sex is emotional and valuable is to be a fish out of water in this day and age. I am 16 and am, unfortunately, in this boat (wow that's sort of a pun, isn't it?).