Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Is rape the victim's fault?

50% of women in a survey recently thought so. Why? My thoughts are:

  • Rape is the only crime as far as I am aware in which the victim is usually blamed.
  • Advice suggests you never get drunk or wear provocative clothing or walk through dark streets late at night on your own.
  • Rapists do not identify themselves by a sign on the forehead so the standard advice suggests you are at risk wherever there are men.
  • But you are regarded as a man hating feminist if you say this
  • Are male victims blamed if they were out clubbing in tight trousers and got drunk?
  • Men who blame the biological imperative are virtually saying they have no self control and should not be expected to have any.
  • Women in Burkhas and nuns get raped - so clothes and behaviour are not the whole of the story

OK life isn't perfect and you have to make sure you don't get into dangerous situations but ultimately no means no and not yes if you buy me another drink or yes if you give me a lift home.

Is this the 21st century or are we still living in the 19th century?

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