Monday, 15 February 2010

Do we need bras?

Do we really need bras? Personally I don't think so. Since I retired last year I haven't worn one. Many people of both sexes will immediately say - how disgusting. But I've always hated wearing one and before I retired it used to be virtually the first thing I took off when I got home in the evening.

I think bras were invented in the early 20th century and prior to that women didn't wear them though they did wear various forms of corsets and many layers in most eras. So why do we wear them now? Some people say your breasts will sag if you don't wear one - which turns out to be rubbish. Breasts aren't muscles and all you can do is exercise the underlying muscles which might make a bit of difference, but really as you get older they will gradually drift towards your feet as the breast tissue becomes less dense. I've just finished reading a book about a woman in America battling breast cancer and when she was told during her radiotherapy treatment not to wear a bra as it would irritate her skin - she disobeyed the instruction. She could not possibly be seen outside the house without a bra. That to me is stupid.

I think it's about time we started a campaign for the natural look - no bra. If they sag, they sag. People need to get used to it. Women do not develop with rigid ice cream cones attached to their chests. If you do a lot of sport I can see a reason for wearing a bra which will support you - for the same reasons men wear jock straps. But this is a practical reason for wearing a supporting garment while performing a particular activity. Ordinary every day life - why wear one? You won't have back ache, red marks on your shoulders, or chafing under your breasts if you give it up. People don't like it? So what? That's their problem.


  1. Hi there Jilly- I have crossed over to you from vine forum etc, encouraged by the way we seem to often think alike there. I am 59, born 1950, so am contemporary to you. Hope this is ok! (not stalker like) I have been deep into your blog and this section caught my imagination. After a friend was diagnosed with breast cancer several years ago she told me that she no longer wears tight bras, just softly fitted camisoles and supportive tee shirts. I followed her example as it might also be preventative good sense not to compress the breasts with tight bras. I felt free and comfortable and have more or less given up tight lingerie. I regret it when I wear a wired bra, for looks. If you lose weight it seems to go from the chest first so that help make it easier not to bounce about! I agree about bras never really fitting properly, riding up, straining the back and cutting in. So
    I am in agreement, Jilly. I am going to look at the rest of your views now, I know I'll like your writing.

  2. Hi kirby - it's nice that someone else has found the blog and thank you for the compliment! No it's not stalker-like at all.

    I remember watching a documentary years ago about women with breast pain who were recommended not to wear a bra for 6 months - the majority didn't go back to wearing one either.

  3. well,unfortunaly i need because my brestas are, know.And i need to do sports.Just for that...but i imagine the fashion world needs bra more than anyone of us LOL ^_^! how would they make profits? How Madonna could make sucess?