Monday, 8 February 2010

Mail order brides

The F Word - link on the right at the top of the page - have an interesting post on the blog titled 'Same Garbage, Different Continents' posted on 7 February 2010 - concerning this growing phenomenon. It seems Western men are not interested in independent Western women who will not give them unconditional love and service and tell them how marvellous they are every five minutes. They want traditionally feminine qualities in their wives so that there is always a hot meal on the table when they get home from work and the kids are looked after and well behaved. What they really want is a slave or a housekeeper - but one who is prepared to provide sexual services as well.

It is difficult not to regard people who buy mail order brides as male chauvinist pigs - especially when they spend all their time saying publicly how marvellous it is to be married to someone who knows her place and does what she's told. The post reminded me of Henry Makow ( whose whole argument is that women are only happy when they are looked after by men and give up their own ambitions to support their husbands. Women are - and should be - a man's possession according to Henry. I found myself almost spitting with rage as I read his book - Cruel Hoax: Feminism and the New World Order.

He thinks women can only be happy if they go back to their domestic tasks, give up their own wishes and do as they're told. Added to which he thinks women working was fostered by the rich Western banking families to make them richer. Women have been brainwashed by these powerful factions to disobey men and break up the family - which will make populations easier to control. What he's saying is men want to have all the power and be condescending and kind to the women and children. Grhhhh!

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