Saturday, 13 February 2010

Obey thine husband

A curate - Mark Oden - of St Nicholas in Sevenoaks, Kent - has outraged many parishioners and many readers of the Daily Mail by preaching a sermon in which he attributed the high divorce rate to modern women and their behaviour. In order to have a proper marriage women should remain silent and let their husbands make all the decisions and do all the talking.

His Vicar Angus MacLeay is a member of the Christian group - Reform - which is opposed to the ordination of women. The group has produced a leaflet 'The Role of Women in the Local Church' which urges women to remain silent and to obey their husbands in all things - using quotes from the Bible to back up what they say.

So is this the 21st century or the 1st century? It seems certain sections of the population are trying to turn back the clock.

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