Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Do women have a sense of entitlement?

I frequently read comments on the Internet - usually from men - about how women always have a sense of entitlement. But what exactly does anyone mean by this? You often see it attached to news stories about sexual harassment or discrimination claims made by women. I would say yes anyone - male or female is entitled to the following:
  • To be treated politely
  • To be offered the same goods and services at the same prices and not to be offered less favourable terms because of their gender
  • To have a safe working environment
  • Not to be constantly harassed by sexual innuendo, physical harassment or pictures of nude members of the opposite sex
  • To feel safe in their own home
  • To feel safe when they go out at night - whether on their own or in groups

If that is having a sense of entitlement - then why not? Don't most people want these?

I think what people who make this comment usually have in their minds is the perception that women feel they are somehow more entitled to better treatment than anyone else. But I haven't come across any woman who thinks she somehow deserves more and better treatment than a man because she's a woman. Equal treatment would be just fine.

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