Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Women are imbeciles

I recently got involved in an online discussion with someone who was trying to say that any country which has women in power will inevitably degenerate into chaos and anarchy. His reasons? Women are incapable psychologically of maturity and will always remain immature. He quoted stuff about Jung's theory of the 'anima' and 'animus' and said women would always project their animus onto the men in their lives but men are able to actualise both sides. Which is not what Jung said at all and unfortunately for him I happened to know more about that than he did and told him he was wrong. Jung said the ideal was for both men and women to actualise both anima and animus but that it was pretty difficult to do and required a high degree of self knowledge.

Then he went on about women being incapable of thinking for themselves and always following the herd. Women are not designed to be leaders - they should always defer to men who are meant to be leaders. I reminded him of several powerful women and he retorted with 'Women are all imbeciles - you are no exception'. Right. OK - I think I know where I stand then and I presume he felt he'd lost the argument because as I pointed out if I had been an imbecile I wouldn't have been reading his convoluted and confused posts in the first place.

If these are the idiots we're up against it's going to take a long time to change the world, Sisters!


  1. well,to tell the truth,i would say women are not prepared to be leaders,because of the sexist education they have.If you come to Rio,you will have this impression:carioca women are all dump sluts.
    We must change the kind of education women have been receiving,i don´t mean school education,but eliminate the differences between the genres.Women are encouraged to befrivolous sexual objects(in our case here),how can sexual objects make good leaders?How can women who have nothing in mind can do a nice job?
    I know we have competent women but they are not the rule.That´s the problem here and in a certain way,in the rest of the world.
    Note: i am not defending that idiot and i admire your patience.I would say lots of dirty word to an idiot like that.

  2. We need to value women who achieve things in the world rather than value them for their looks. This is something which has got far far worse in the UK in the last 20 or 30 years. The appearance of female politicians would never have been commented on in the 1980s - just what they'd achieved.

  3. Men are smarter than women. But that doesn't mean we should mistreat women. Women have other skills than men don't. E.g. They have better memory, vocabulary, can adjust to every situation easily, and are able to tolerate pain more. We need to stop turning men into women, and women into men. We all have different roles in nature, period.