Friday, 26 March 2010

Iceland - land fit for women

I've just read that Iceland - tiny, cold country of 320,000 people - is on the brink of passing a law that bans lap dancing clubs and strip clubs and virtually closes down the country's sex industry including prostitution. How have they managed to do it? Because both men and women are behind the ban. It could also have something to do with the fact that there are a high number of female politicians and they have a female Prime Minister - Johanna Siguroardottir.

Apparently feminists are virtually completely in favour of the ban whereas in this country feminists tend to be in two opposing camps - one saying that women can choose these jobs if they want and other saying objectifying women, even if women are willing to be objectified, is completely wrong. So - what we need is a united front.


  1. You're absolutely right, Jilly. It's difficult here because we're lacking consensus. As long as some people (women especially) feel that objectification is OK - that it's a woman's 'choice', then we have a big struggle ahead. What is interesting is that when sexism starts to be eliminated in the form of de-objectification, as in Iceland, other measures follow (or come before, who knows). Such as the equal parental leave policy, which benefits both men and women and makes a happier and more productive society. Sexism is bad for everyone.

  2. I agree with you - sexism IS bad for everyone - which is something many people seem reluctant to acknowledge.

  3. i´m glad to see that there are feminists around the world fighthig this glorification of women sexual exploitation.It is the basis of everything.When it is eliminated women can look around and say "WTF! what the hell were we doing?".I saw myself in this situation....when i realized that i could be ina brothel in finland for thinkig that to be a sex work was cool and empowering.