Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Men need women

I have read twice in the last couple of days the suggestion that men find life very difficult if women are independent because it means women are no longer dependent on them. Men therefore cannot have a meaningful role if women are not submissive and obedient.

Oh right - I see - one half of the population need the other half to be in a state of mental ill health in order for them to have satisfying lives and to be sure of their role. That to me says women have changed in their expectations and lifestyles but men haven't. They're still expecting to be the breadwinner in the family and to come home to a cooked meal on the table and all the household chores done by the self effacing wife who gets her personal satisfaction by waiting on him and their children hand and foot.

If this sort of arrangement suits both people then I have no problems with it but many of us don't want that set up and it was for us that the early campaigners fought - so that we could have choices about our lives. It seems we are slipping back towards women's only acceptable role is that of homemaker and man's only acceptable role is that of masterful head of the family.

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