Saturday, 16 January 2010

Living Dolls

Natasha Walter has a new book out next month called Living Dolls:The Return of Sexism. It appears to cover an area I have become increasingly interested in over the last few months. Women can aspire to do almost anything in the world of work but they must conform to an ever narrowing version of female beauty. I shall look forward to reading it when it is available and will post a review of it on here next month.
So have we managed to escape the original range of stereotypes only to find ourselves encased in yet another straight jacket? I would say this stereotype is every bit as limiting as all the previous ones. Are we reverting to the old ideas of women being decorative and not very intelligent? Really? If we are what can we do about it? I can sympathise with the Pink Stinks ( campaign but I believe they are misguided in focusing on one colour. The colour is a symbol not the cause of the malaise which affects women and girls at the moment.

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