Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Freedom of speech

Once again - long absence of posts.

I have read Kate McCann's book Madeleine recently and found it very interesting and well written. Naturally I posted a review of it on Amazon as I post reviews of nearly everything I read on there. I have also posted a review of it over at Jillysheep where it has attracted a thoroughly obnoxious comment - which I have left on there because it shows up the author of the comment in his true colours.

Anyone it seems who expresses any support or empathy whatsoever for the McCanns on any internet site will attract the attention of certain people who have their own agenda when it comes to this tragic case. I feel a great deal of sympathy for the McCanns and if two police forces could not find evidence to mount a prosecution then I'm not about to start pointing fingers. I'm for freedom of speech but in my opinion the freedom to express one's opinion does not include making criminal allegations against people.

A quick perusal of the reviews of Madeleine on Amazon will reveal some very aggressive and vitriolic comments against anyone expressing the slightest support for the McCanns or even taking a neutral stance. Many have been deleted by Amazon and rightly so in my opinion as they were libellous.

This tragic case has shown up so many people as being lacking in compassion. This is a lynch mob mentality which makes me ashamed to be living in the same country as this heartless bunch of people.

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