Friday, 13 August 2010

Fat women are easy lays

I read an article on the Daily Mail's website yesterday about several women who were prepared to say how many lovers they'd had. One of them was still a virgin from choice and another had had fifty lovers. To me all the article demonstrated was that everyone's an individual. There were photos of all the women featured and they varied from skinny to pleasantly plump - well that was my opinion anyway. None was outstandingly beautiful by current standards. It was the comments which had me screaming at my computer monitor and foaming at the mouth.

The lady who had had fifty lovers was the pleasantly plump one and the one who seemed to be enjoying life the most and who had made a success of her career and was relatively recently married. But the comments from men and women were mainly along the lines of: fat women are easy lays because otherwise they wouldn't get anyone; it's a well known fact that fat women are promiscuous; can't imagine why anyone would want to sleep with her - they must have all been drunk etc etc.

Identifying the stereotypes and pre-conceptions:

  • Fat women sleep with anyone who asks them
  • Fat women are desperate to get a man
  • Men don't fancy fat women
  • All women lie about sex
  • All women are desperate to have a man in their lives

I've never been skinny. I've always had at least one man in my life since I was about 17 - and often more than one. In total I reckon I've had 14 lovers and unless my current partner dies before I do I'm unlikely to have any more. I've probably turned down at least as many. I've never really tried to attract anyone to me and I've certainly never gone out looking for men. So I'm sorry but I don't fit into any of those stereotypes/pre-conceptions and I doubt if most women do.

And finally - there were far too many people commenting that women should be virgins when they marry but men should have as much experience as they can before marriage. There was also a joker claiming he'd had sex with 1000 women - what's the male version of slut anyone?!!


  1. Actually, men cannot be sluts.

    A key that can open any lock is known as a “master key.” It has enormous value.

    A lock that can be opened by any key is a weak lock. It has virtually no value at all.

    That's the answer to your ignorant question of why aren't men sluts.

  2. I think you missed the point of what I was saying. For a man to have many sexual partners seems still to be acceptable but a woman doing the same thing is criticised. Double standards?

    1. It is important that the paternity of a child can be easily deduced. Where a woman is a slut she will not be able to provide a child with knowledge of its paternity and often will become a single parent with all the difficulties that this causes.

  3. I understood exactly what you meant which is why I demolished your "double standard" argument with the analogy in the first post. The analogy seems to have flew over your head. Read it again and take a hint:

    'master key' = penis
    'lock' = vagina

    I always knew feminists used impenetrable jargon and evasive language to avoid being exposed as mental midgets, but this is ridiculous. If you still don't understand the analogy you are hopeless.

  4. communication is a two way process you know. If I can't understand what you're saying that's partly your fault for not making something clear and partly my fault for not understanding.

    There is no jargon used in my post at all.

    Considering you don't like what I say - why bother to comment?

  5. read this link for the debunking of your sexual double standard "argument":
    Read it sloooooowwwwwly or you might miss the fucking forest for the trees again. I wouldn't want your chick 'logic' to get in the way.

  6. I said - I am still here. Not nice being ignored...Jilly

  7. Not interested in continuing your argument thank you

  8. Jilly said...

    I think you missed the point of what I was saying. For a man to have many sexual partners seems still to be acceptable but a woman doing the same thing is criticised. Double standards?

    Men and women are different, Jilly. This may have escaped you during feminist indoctrination.

  9. Makes me giggle. I openly admit I was a slut growing up, and my husband loves it. Then again, I'm now anti feminist and a stay at home mom. My russian upbringing is kicking in! But I will say, men and women are very different and it is proven that it's harder for a man to find someone to sleep with than a woman.

    And yes, fat women are disgusting. I had a c section and I'm a size 2.

  10. Totally agree with all these. Unfortunately, I have met men who have had all of these traits. I am by nature a pleaser and love giving to my partner, but have learned to back off a bit and reserve that for the man who is deserving and not selfish. When a man is really into pleasing me, it makes me want to please him even more, and it's a win-win for everyone!
    Phone sex

  11. Sorry fatty don't buy your story. All the fatties I've laid (quite a few) would do anything for the brief time they felt wanted. Your fugly or lying!

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  13. What bothers me about all this is the sheer meanness and intolerance. Master key and weak lock??? Fat bashing? Sluts, male or female? Enough already!

  14. Fat girls are easy. Without a doubt. Its common sense. If they dont make it easy , then they will be unfucked

  15. Fat girls are easy. Without a doubt. Its common sense. If they dont make it easy , then they will be unfucked

  16. I find fat or plump women far more attractive than skinny anorexic sticks. A woman should have curves; large breasts, big bottom and plump fleshy thighs. Many women starve themselves into thinking that this is attractive to men when in reality all men want are curves: it takes them back to the days that they spent in the comfort of their mother's womb and sucking at the breast.Interestingly negresses understand this whilst women of other races still labour under the misconception that skinny = attractive.
    At one time this was not the case. If you study the work of painters such as Rubens it is obvious that the plumper figure was the desirable norm.