Wednesday, 21 July 2010

How would you vote?

If you were picked to be part of a jury and the case you were hearing was a rape case - how would you vote?

Speaking for myself I hope I would consider all the evidence as objectively as I could and decide whether the defendant was guilty or not guilty on that basis. I would not decide in advance that the defendant was guilty - whether or not there was sufficient evidence against him.

But this is what the web site is advocating in an article posted on 20 July 2010 entitled 'Jury duty at a rape trial? Acquit' - except that the article says the writer will vote not guilty - regardless of the evidence. Because women lie. Men of course are plaster saints who never ever tell a fib - not even a white lie - and will always admit if they are guilty of such a heinous crime. And I'm the Queen of Sheba!

Whether this article is talking about America or the UK I think it is disgusting and disgraceful and I would be saying that even if I found something similar on a feminist web site saying the writer would always say the defendant was guilty.

And they say men have a sense of justice and fairness which women lack? Men are always logical and reasonable? No I don't think so somehow.


  1. ManhoodAcademy . com is teaching the next generation of men how to put aging feminist cunts like sophia in her place. We vote to urge you to go fetch your stick you dumb bitch.

  2. party - if you can't post without being insulting then I shall delete all future posts of yours and of your fellow trolls. I'm leaving this one here because it shows you up for what you are.

    You think it's acceptable to subvert the jury system? I certainly don't and I don't think many people will agree with you.

    I always think that manhood academy is running scared myself - otherwise it wouldn't be advocating treating women the way it does. If someone isn't worth your notice why bother to comment.